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How Do I Get My Furnace Ready for Winter?

The best way to keep your furnace from costing you a fortune is to maintain it. During fall or early winter each year, it’s critical to schedule an annual pre-season furnace maintenance service for your home heating system. Proactive furnace maintenance ensures that your furnace works properly, safely, and efficiently—from day one—when cold weather arrives here in the East Bay.

To schedule preventive furnace maintenance from Moore Mechanical this winter, contact us online or call us at (925) 248-4552 .

Prevent Furnace Failure

Furnace Maintenance Tips

Most houses in our area have gas heating. As you may be aware, gas appliances, including HVAC systems, need regular inspections to ensure there is no hazardous natural gas leakage or carbon monoxide buildup. In addition, annual preventive furnace maintenance helps avoid the fire danger that can occur with a neglected gas (or electric or boiler) heating system.

For regular inspections and maintenance on your HVAC system, join Moore Mechanical’s Comfort Protection Club for coverage year-round!

Professional Inspection & Furnace Upkeep

Should I Have My Furnace Cleaned Every Year?

Scheduling annual furnace maintenance visits from an expert HVAC technician is the best way to ensure that every part of your heating system is operating correctly, efficiently, and safely. Our heating technicians inspect the entire system including:

  • Examining the duct system. Leaks are common in the long duct runs inside walls and crawl spaces of your home. Over time, ducts can begin leaking as connections loosen, wasting energy and sending utility bills through the roof. We may suggest duct sealing to minimize loss (waste) of heated air before it gets to the rooms of your house.
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger. Cracks here are the most frequent cause of gas leaks and dangerous carbon monoxide buildup in your home.
  • Testing furnace thermostat and controls. We’ll test and calibrate your thermostat, while making sure it turns off and on safely and correctly.
  • Cleaning heating equipment and lubricating moving parts. Proper, professional furnace maintenance keeps your furnace performing to its original energy efficiency specs—so winter energy bills stay low. Maintenance also makes sure your system comfortably heats your rooms, just as well as it always has.
  • Checking the blower motor. We’ll make sure all key components are working properly.
  • Checking out any concerns you may have with your heating system. Let our techs know if you’ve noticed any strange furnace noises or smells coming from your heating vents, or if your furnace isn’t warming your home (or specific rooms) like it used to.
  • Performing minor repairs if needed. After checking out your heating system, we can recommend replacement of worn parts and small repairs that may occasionally be needed—before they lead to a complete furnace breakdown or require expensive repairs.
  • Changing the furnace filter. A clean air filter increases home energy efficiency. (Your furnace won’t have to work extra hard to force heated air through a dirty, clogged filter.) Your filter also keeps airborne debris from building up in heating equipment and damaging it.
  • And more!

During maintenance, our team of comfort specialists conducts a 21-point procedure to ensure everything is in the best condition to prepare for the winter. Contact us to schedule maintenance today.

How Do I Take Care of My Furnace?

As a homeowner, you should change your furnace filter monthly to keep your system running at peak efficiency and improve indoor air quality. Ensure proper furnace airflow by keeping carpets, drapes, plants, and furniture away from room air vents. Have a boiler for your heating system? Check for easy-to-spot water leaks from the heat exchanger.

Some furnace care should be left to the professionals. For furnace and heating service in the East Bay, contact us online today.

Get a Furnace Tune-Up in the East Bay

Have you had your furnace checked out yet this season? If not, make sure to schedule service soon! Let us make sure that upcoming holidays at your house are warm, safe, and comfy.

Contact Moore Mechanical for East Bay preventive furnace maintenance or call us at (925) 248-4552 today!

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