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Nandhini Krishnamoorthy
Nandhini Krishnamoorthy 5.0

Was very diligent and detailed. I highly recommend Ulises and MooreMechanical

Mark Ouyang
Mark Ouyang 5.0

After discovering that the gas valve he just installed didn’t solve our heating issue, Ulises did a good job of determining and communicating what was the real problem. He apologized for the misdiagnosis made by a co-worker, let us know that we ...wouldn’t have to pay for the valve and said that he would have to return with the correct part. It was the circuit board that failed. The Moore team worked diligently to resolve the problem and came out the next day to complete the job.Read More...

Susanna Clough
Susanna Clough 5.0
Chris Gilbert
Chris Gilbert 1.0

Buyer Beware. (This pertains to an older house in Berkeley.) They put in an undersized heat pump heating/cooling system. Subsequent load calculations (unfortunately not done beforehand by Moore -- it's not required in Berkeley unlike other towns like ...Piedmont, but it should be -- I had to pay someone else to do it), call for a system in the range of 55K+ BTU. And they replaced a 78K BTU gas furnace. But they installed a 38K BTU heat pump. They tried, and are still trying, to sell me an additional resistance "heat strip" to supplement the system. But that would have caused high electricity bills. Instead, there are higher BTU heat pumps that would have done the job without having to resort to outdated and expensive resistance heating. When confronted they said that they put in the biggest heat pump of that brand which was not true, and irrelevant because I didn't ask for a particular brand. They chose it. They also left a potential lethal situation in the electrical panel: wrong brand and size of breaker. The city inspector told me to immediately stop using the heater (in the winter) until it could be corrected. Moore had to have a separate electrician, employed outside the company, to correct the situation. Even there he changed the breaker but not the fuses at the outside unit, so had to be changed by someone else before the city inspector would sign off. They also ran bigger ducting to a room that I asked for more heating in but didn't enlarge the existing or add a new register so the impact was nil. Also, the day of installation the rep tried to get me to up-size my electrical panel for several thousand dollars. I didn't and they made the existing one work. Seems to be a tactic of some electricians, PV installers and this HVAC company that is unneeded and expensive, and perhaps makes it easier for them in that they don't need to re-arrange the circuits to fit the new one, in some cases. The homeowner can't be expected to know all this stuff about load calcs, etc. The HVAC company needs to provide this. I had to educate myself after finding the system took 3-4 hours to go from 62 to 67 degrees. It also freezes up in temps as high as 50 deg. outside. Buyer beware. ------ Now, heat pump not defrosting, but they can't get to it for at least two weeks. ------ And their records are so bad that they think this job was a water heater. I just called and made another appt so they know what it is.Read More...

Marc Parham
Marc Parham 5.0
Deborah Cabrera
Deborah Cabrera 5.0

Professional and great customer service with a smile 😃. Will request Joseph back again next time!!

Scott Lopez
Scott Lopez 5.0

Richard was excellent! He was very knowledgeable on our system and able to explain the work that he was performing. He also installed our thermostat and was able to walk me through the set up and operation. I would definitely recommend Moore Mechanical ...and Richard! Thanks!Read More...

Cristian Orellana
Cristian Orellana 5.0

Top notch service as usual!

Rick Sparacio
Rick Sparacio 5.0

Professional service. Organized, on time, great communication

Rey Cardenas
Rey Cardenas 5.0

Anthony the lead technician, was polite, knowledgeable and clean!!! He went beyond the call of duty also installing our water heater which another person was supposed to do. Out of 1 to 10, I would give him a 20! He’s a keeper and makes your business ...look good!Read More...

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