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Air Duct Sealing

Without the proper Air Duct Installation or Air Duct Maintenance, heating and cooling ducts can start to gap and leak over time. Fortunately, Moore Mechanical has the knowledge, skills, and resources to seal your air ducts for optimized efficiency. We’ve been providing indoor air quality services for decades, so you can count on our expertise to leave you completely satisfied.

In fact, we guarantee improvements with your air ducts and if you’re not happy with the results of your air duct sealing, we return your money!

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Whether you need duct cleaning or sealing, we guarantee your satisfaction or you get your money back, so there’s no reason to delay your indoor air quality improvement any longer.

Instead, contact our highly trained technicians by giving us a call, or simply fill out our online form for a complimentary quote based on your project details.


Professional Air Duct Repair for Systems that Are Like New

While there are plenty of ductwork sealing products on the market, this is not a project you should attempt to do on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to thanks to our affordable duct sealing company. Not only do we use the industry’s best sealing materials, but we pair them with our own expert duct sealing techniques. In no time at all, our technicians can complete your quality air duct sealing so that you can start enjoying the following benefits:

Energy Bill Savings: When you seal off any leaks in your air ducts, you can greatly improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Uniform Temperature: Leaks can make some rooms cooler or hotter than others, but our sealing process can help you have more control over the temperature throughout your home.

Less Dust and Allergies: Dirt, debris, and allergens can find their way into your HV/AC system through cracks, but a thorough seal can keep them out of your air.

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Is your home’s Air Duct Sealing experiencing issues? Moore Mechanical is the trusted name in Dublin, CA HVAC Service services near you.

How can I tell if I need my air ducts sealed?

Signs that you may need your air ducts sealed include uneven heating and cooling, excessive dust around your home, your energy bills increasing, and if your ductwork is older. If you’ve noticed any of these issues with your home, call Moore Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to have a professional assess if your ductwork should be sealed and even provide you with a price quote.

Can an air duct sealing system reduce the amount of dust in my home?

Yes, air duct sealing can reduce the amount of dust in your home. Ductwork runs through spaces which accumulate a lot of dust like attics, walls, basements, crawlspaces, and garages. If you have leaks in your ducts, the return air which has been infiltrated by air pollutants, will send that right to the living spaces in your home. Air duct sealing is reported to reduce the amount of leakage and dust by as much as 90%. If you’ve noticed an excessive amount of dust in your home, call Moore Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning to have a technician see about sealing your air ducts and reducing the amount of dust in your home.

Does the sealant leave an odor?

One of the great things about air duct sealing is that the sealant does not actually leave any odors! The material of the air duct sealant does not puff gas over time, so there will be no odor lingering for the life of the sealant.

What Are the Benefits of Air Duct Sealing?

Air duct sealing can improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, resulting in lower energy bills. It also helps to reduce allergens and contaminants in your home, as well as preventing air loss due to leaks or holes.

Is Air Duct Sealing Safe?

Yes, air duct sealing is a safe procedure that does not require any special skills or tools. The process involves using an adhesive sealant to create a tight seal around the vents and ducts, preventing air from escaping and improving the efficiency of your system.

Is There Anything I Should Do Before Having My Air Ducts Sealed?

Yes, it is important to have your heating and cooling system inspected by a professional to identify any issues that could be causing air leaks or reduced energy efficiency. They can then recommend any repairs or adjustments that need to be made before the air ducts are sealed.

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