Meet your Green Eco Friendly Water Heater

Providing SanCO2 Systems to Dublin, California

Did you know that water heating is the second largest use of energy after heating or cooling your home?

As a highly energy-efficient alternative to the traditional electric or gas water heater, our unique system saves money, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and eliminates the production of carbon monoxide.

The SANCO2 heat pump water heater system consists of two parts. The Heat Pump Unit, where the hot water is produced, using the CO2 refrigerant to extract heat from the ambient air, and the insulated Storage Tank, available in 43, 83, 200, 285, 360, 455 and 505 Gallon Sizes, where the hot water is stored.

Installation of the unit is simple, with two water pipes connecting the tank to the outdoor heat pump.

  • Highest First Hour rating of any Residential Electric Water heater (Resistance and Heat Pumps) – provides more hot water


  • Faster recovery from a hot water draw at 20+ GPH of 140F water to the top of the tank.


  • Highest real world efficiency: 80% savings over Electric Resistance Water Heaters and 40% + over a hybrid HPWH.
  • Most Environmentally Friendly Water Heater on the market: CO2 refrigerant has a low Global Warming Potential


  • Simple installation: only plumbing connections are required to connect Storage Tank and Heat Pump.


  • Heat Pump will make hot water below -25F Ambient Tempterature
  • Perfect for homes with Solar PV Panels as the unit will use less than 2,000 Watts maximum.


  • Longest and most comprehensive warranty on the market.

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