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Our FAQ’s

At Moore Mechanical, we hear several common questions from our customers. From how to choose the right system to how to keep that system working well, here are some of those questions, as well as answers from our experienced HVAC techs.

What Size HVAC Do I Need for My Home or Business?

Having a properly sized HVAC system is critical to enjoying proper comfort and efficiency. The unit you choose needs to be sized based on the size of your property. Our technicians will help you select a perfectly sized unit that will offer both comfort and efficiency.

Do You Offer Financing for New HVAC Systems?

At Moore Mechanical, we understand that HVAC installation is an investment for many residential customers. We’re happy to offer financing options to fit many needs. If you are looking to install a new HVAC system, you can pay over time with one of our creative financing options, subject to credit approval.

Do You Offer HVAC Installation Warranties?

All HVAC installations are backed by a 10-year parts warranty and our 10-year Moore Mechanical workmanship guarantee. If you have any problems with the workmanship that goes into installing your system in the first decade, we will cover it. If any parts wear out, they are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and we will take care of the labor for the first year.

How Long Does the Installation Take?

At Moore Mechanical, your comfort is our top priority. We work quickly when you trust us with your installation needs. Most HVAC systems can be installed in one or two days in residential properties. Commercial properties may take a bit longer, but we strive to take care of the process quickly, so you can get back to enjoying a comfortable home or business once again.

Do You Offer a Maintenance Program for My HVAC System?

Yes! In fact, maintenance is an important part of owning an HVAC system. With proper maintenance, your system can give you a full lifespan of excellent service. Moore Mechanical offers the Comfort Protection Club for our customers. This plan helps you save money while ensuring that you get your maintenance done in a timely manner. We have an 18-point maintenance routine that checks all parts of your HVAC system, inside and out, to ensure it’s working exactly as it should.

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