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Help! My Furnace Is Making Weird Noises

Posted on: December 18, 2015

Service Call v1.Still002If your furnace starts making weird noises, it can certainly be alarming. Many things may go through your head: “What’s going on? Is this thing broken? How do I make it stop?!” Our advice to you if you should start hearing weird noises? Remain calm and call an expert as soon as possible. While many noises may be nothing serious, some noises can be a signal that something is very wrong with your furnace.

What These Strange Noises from Your Furnace Might Mean

There are different types of sounds that your furnace may make depending on what is happening. Here are some of the more common noises, followed by what your furnace may be trying to tell you by acting up.

  • Rattle — If you are hearing rattling sounds, or your furnace seems to be vibrating so badly that you can feel it around your home, there may be an issue with your ducts. There may be loose screws or screws that are missing completely. This has likely caused your ducts to become unaligned, causing them to shake, knock into each other, and create a rattling sound.
  • Screech — A screeching sound is likely due to a problem with your furnace’s motor or blower wheel. It is important to call an expert right away to have your system checked if you hear this sound.
  • Bang — A bang or pop could signal that there is a problem with your furnace’s ignition system. The best way to find out if it is an ignition problem is to watch your system and see if a large flame occurs as your system starts up; other signals may be excessive rattling on start up. This problem could be potentially dangerous, and you will want to have a heating technician take a look at your system quickly.
  • Whistle — This is one sound that could be caused by several issues. One minor problem may be that you have a filter that is clogged, and replacing or cleaning the filter should eradicate the whistling. If you still have a whistling sound even if your filter is clean, your ductwork may be too small, or you may have gaps in your duct system. If a clean filter doesn’t help the whistling sound, contact an expert.

The best thing to do if you hear any type of loud or unusual sound coming from your furnace is to contact a heating expert. There are a lot of parts that make up your heating system and messing with yourself could cause further damage. Trust an expert to get your furnace working again!

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