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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat During Summer?

One of the few unwelcome details of an otherwise lovely East Bay summer is the high energy bills that can come with the season. We’re here to help make your summer more comfortable and relaxing than ever! Heed our energy saving hints centered around your thermostat settings to decrease energy costs. In fact, East Bay homeowners and others in mild climates can save more on energy bills than residents of more severe climates. If you adjust thermostat settings in both summer and winter, you could save up to 10 percent. You’ll save money with the right thermostat temperature setting while still enjoying a cool, comfortable home all summer long.

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Best Summer Thermostat Settings to Keep Energy Bills Low

Use our tips to save money and reduce energy use this summer without losing your cool home environment:

  • When you’re home, set your thermostat to about 78 degrees. If this feels uncomfortable, you can try raising the thermostat from your usual setting by a degree or two daily until you find a reasonable setting.
  • Set the thermostat higher in rooms you’re not using.
  • During the evening or on cooler days, you may be able to maintain cool comfort by merely cracking a few windows and/or relying upon portable fans or ceiling fans.
  • If you need your AC at night, experiment and choose a setting that helps you sleep. Proper rest is crucial for good health, so if these tips don’t work to lower your bills, consider installing a more energy-efficient AC system for greater comfort and cost savings long term.
  • When you head out on vacation, turn off the air conditioning entirely. With a programmable thermostat or smart home system, you can schedule AC to cool your home just in time for your return.
  • If you need to keep pets at home comfy while you’re away, you may still be able to program your AC to shut off at night and restart during the day.
  • Make sure your home is properly insulated and ventilated to keep conditioned air indoors while avoiding a stuffy feeling in the house. This way, your AC won’t have to work so hard to maintain your desired thermostat setting.
  • Prevent or delay your AC from kicking on by keeping blinds closed at times when sun is directly hitting windows.
  • Make certain that your thermostat is installed correctly, in the right spot, out of drafts and direct sun.
  • Awnings, a covered porch/deck, or a pergola outside windows and sliding doors can also help keep indoor temps down.
  • Consider planting trees, tall bushes, or climbing plants to better shade your home and windows in future. (Plants indoors can create a cool feeling and improve indoor air quality, too.
  • Have your cooling system serviced annually. Professional maintenance helps ensure your summer comfort. We check that your thermostat works properly and is in an ideal location for correct readings. We also ensure your entire AC system works efficiently and effectively. Cooling system maintenance also helps avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs by keeping the system in top form.
  • Don’t forget to change your AC filter regularly. Consult your owner’s manual for type and frequency of filter changes, or call on Moore Mechanical if you need assistance.

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