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What Temperature Should I Set My Thermostat During Winter?

By lowering the thermostat setting in your East Bay home this winter, you can save money on energy bills. The good news is that you can accomplish this without sacrificing home comfort, if you don’t mind wearing a sweatshirt or sweater at home now and then.

When you’re out of the house or sleeping, let the indoor temp dip even lower for more savings on home heating. In fact, you can still come home (and wake up) to a warm house when you use a programmable thermostat and/or smartphone-connected heating system, as described below.

Recommended Winter Thermostat Settings to Save Money in the East Bay

  • Try keeping your home thermostat(s) at about 60-65 degrees when you’re home this winter.
  • You can go down to the mid-fifties (about 55 degrees) for sleep and when you’re not at home.
  • Want vacation energy savings? Leave your home heating system on the lowest setting while you’re gone. On occasions where our weather gets down to (or just below) freezing, you could get frozen pipes if your furnace is completely turned off.

You can also try working your way down to a lower furnace setting, lowering the temperature by one or two degrees per day, so that you’ll hardly notice a change.

Despite all of these recommendations, you’ll need to balance your need for comfort with your need for savings. If you can’t comfortably go as low as the recommended furnace settings, get as close as you can without discomfort. If you have very young or older family members (or pets) in your home, you may need to keep their areas warmer for their health and comfort.

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Precise Indoor Temperature Control Made Easy

Automatic & Remote Temperature Adjustment

Customizing temperature settings according to time of day or day of the week is, of course, much simpler with a programmable thermostat. This way, your home will automatically warm up to your comfortable programmed temperature setting by the time you get home from work or school.

If you have the capability to connect to your home comfort system via the internet and a smartphone-connected thermostat, you can make temperature adjustments remotely. This is great if your schedule changes last minute, but you still want to save energy at home.

Zoned Temperature Control

For more energy savings, consider a zoned heating system in your East Bay home, if you don’t already have this feature. Zoning allows the HVAC system to direct heated or cooled air (depending upon the season) to the rooms you’re currently using. You can also set different parts of the home to different temps, so each family member can customize their room or home office to a level they find comfortable.

In need of some further insights about how to maximize energy performance of your home? Schedule a home energy audit today! Ready to have a remote thermostat or temperature control system installed? Contact the HVAC experts at Moore Mechanical today.

More Benefits of Low Furnace Settings in Winter

  • Saving money: Lowering both AC and furnace settings by about 10 percent for at least eight hours daily can save you up to 10 percent annually on energy costs, according to
  • Saving energy: You’re reducing your carbon footprint by using less heat at home.
  • Getting better sleep: Sleep may come more quickly and you may sleep more deeply in a cool room, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Just make sure you have extra blankets handy.
  • Losing weight: Losing weight can be easier when sleeping in cooler temperatures; doing so can rev up your metabolism.

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