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Industries We Serve

If you are looking for a commercial HVAC team in Dublin, CA or the surrounding area, the experts at Moore Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning can help! For over 30 years, we have provided businesses and property owners across many industries with exceptional value, technical expertise, and personal service that larger commercial HVAC companies cannot match. Read below about each of the industries we serve:

  • Apartments Installing and managing HVAC systems in an apartment building is no easy matter; you must adhere to special requirements in order to meet environmental laws, building codes, and local standards. Trust Moore Mechanical for the specialized expertise that you need to keep your tenants comfortable while managing costs effectively.
  • Banks The success of any financial institution depends on providing a professional, welcoming setting for its clients. Your employees also need a reliably comfortable working environment to remain productive and give their best service. Moore Mechanical can install the best HVAC systems for your institution, then keep them running smoothly with regular maintenance to ensure that your bank is a welcoming place for everyone.
  • Churches – The HVAC system in your place of worship should be effective enough to provide consistent comfort, yet quiet enough to avoid causing a distraction. Every church has different architecture, and each one needs a custom solution to achieve the most effective heating and cooling. Moore Mechanical can develop the best HVAC solution to keep your members comfortable while helping you save on energy costs.
  • Condominiums – As a property manager or condo owner, you want to provide comfort and reliability to your tenants while having the amount of control you desire over the HVAC in your building. We can help you decide between shared services or individual services, then configure them for your building. We also offer maintenance and repairs to keep your existing HVAC systems working smoothly.
  • Grocery Stores – Grocery stores have complex heating and cooling needs, as both humidity and temperature must be well controlled. A system failure can result not just in customer dissatisfaction, but also ruined products and financial loss. Trust Moore Mechanical to develop HVAC solutions that save money while contributing to a positive shopping experience for your customers.
  • Airports – Effective airport HVAC involves massive, complex systems with thousands of working parts. To keep operations running without interruption or inconvenience, you need a professional HVAC company that you can trust to stay on top of your needs. Moore Mechanical will work tirelessly to maintain your airport’s HVAC systems and respond quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • Hotels – As a hotel manager or owner, your entire business depends on your guests’ comfort and the reputation you have for providing it. Sweltering suites, frigid rooms, or clanging HVAC systems will quickly result in unfavorable online reviews, driving business away from your establishment. Come to Moore Mechanical for HVAC experts who can keep up with the 24/7 demands of your hotel.
  • Medical Facilities – Comfort is essential to a positive patient experience, but the HVAC systems in your medical facility also contribute to the health and safety of your patients. In addition to heating and cooling your facility effectively, your HVAC system must filter contaminants, bacteria, pathogens, and odors out of the air. The experts at Moore Mechanical understand the unique needs of medical facilities and will work to keep yours clean, healthy, and comfortable.
  • Commercial & Industrial Properties – At Moore Mechanical, we design, install, maintain, and repair commercial HVAC systems to meet the needs of your commercial and industrial properties. Our certified professionals can assist you in choosing the right system and design to suit your needs. We’ll work also with you to help you meet your comfort and energy goals.
  • Restaurants – Your restaurant requires efficient HVAC solutions to keep the heat in the kitchen and ensure that your diners are comfortable enough to enjoy their food. Proper ventilation is also important to carry food odors out of the building. Moore Mechanical is your resource for expert restaurant HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Retail Centers – Competition is fierce to attract and retain customers in the world of retail. Your customers have a lot of options when choosing where to shop, so malfunctioning or inefficient HVAC systems can easily drive them away from your stores. At Moore Mechanical, we provide fast, efficient HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance to keep your shoppers happy.
  • Educational Facilities – Comfort plays a large role in creating a positive learning and working environment, and an HVAC system breakdown can dramatically disrupt operations at your facility. Moore Mechanical can be on campus quickly to return your HVAC system to functionality with minimal disruption to learning. We also design and install HVAC systems to meet the unique needs and energy requirements of educational facilities.

HVAC Solutions for Your Industry

Whether your needs include zoned cooling systems, rooftop AC, or other specialized heating and cooling methods, Moore Mechanical has the skill and experience to provide HVAC solutions across a wide range of industries. We have nearly 40 years of experience in providing businesses with superior commercial HVAC services. Our specialists are NATE-certified, expertly trained, and well versed in handling all of your HVAC needs with a focus on maximizing comfort and minimizing energy costs.

For high-quality commercial HVAC services in Dublin, CA and the surrounding area, contact Moore Mechanical! You can reach us online anytime, or via phone at 925-307-6479.

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