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Electric Furnaces in East Bay, CA

If you live in the East Bay area, you know that we enjoy a fairly mild climate throughout most of the year. But, even in sunny California, the temperatures do drop. If you’re looking for a great option for keeping your home cozy and comfortable during the colder months, an electric furnace may be the right fit for you. Whether you have questions about installation of a new system, replacement of an old, or repair and maintenance for your current unit, Moore Mechanical is here to provide all of your electric furnace needs!

Need some help regarding electric furnaces? You’ve come to the right place! Contact us online or call Moore Mechanical today at 925-307-6479. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Emergency Furnace Repair Services

If you are caught with an unresponsive electric furnace, you can’t always wait for a nine-to-five heating repair company to come out and look at your furnace! Moore Mechanical offers 24/7 emergency heating repair services! Call 925-307-6479 for immediate furnace service!

Benefits of Having an Electric Furnace

When it comes to heating your home, you have a variety of options. If you leaning towards a furnace, but don’t know if you should go electric, gas, or oil, consider these benefits of owning an electric furnace. Or, if you already have an electric unit in your home, here’s a nice reminder about the reliability of your device.

  • More affordable and smoother installation: The cost of installing a furnace is actually one of the least expensive options for any heating source. And, the process is much quick than the installation of a gas or oil unit.
  • Convenience: If you don’t already have propane or oil delivered to your home, it’s another thing you’ll have to set up. Your electric furnace doesn’t need another outside source to run, so you never have to worry about “running out of juice” when you need your unit most.
  • Length of lifespan: If properly maintained, electric furnaces can last upwards of 20 to 30 years. So, you’ll be able to rely on your heating system for quite some time.
  • Safety: While gas and oil furnaces do not pose a threat to your home if they are regularly checked and serviced, some homeowners are still hesitant about installing these units. So, why worry? With an electric furnace, you never have to think about a possible carbon monoxide leak.
  • Run quietly: No, other furnace options don’t make a ton of racket. But, an electric furnace does make less noise, which is more ideal for some homeowners.
  • Ability to go green: This idea may not appeal to all, but for those who are interested in powering their homes with solar panels, an electric furnace may be the way to go. They can be connected to solar panels fairly easily, allowing your home to be more green-friendly.

Electric Furnace Installation and Replacement with Moore Mechanical

If your current heating unit isn’t getting the job done anymore, it could be time to replace it! While the easiest way to know whether or not you need a new unit is if your current one stops working entirely, there are other tell-tale signs. Frequent breakdowns or uneven heating may mean that your system has reached the end of its life.

You may be a fan of electric furnaces already, in which case Moore Mechanical can help you purchase and install a new unit. Or, you could want to switch out your current gas or oil system for a different method. No problem! Our experts can walk you through the decision process to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Rely On Moore Mechanical for Electric Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Already comfortable with your current electric furnace? Great! Moore Mechanical can help you with all of your repair and maintenance needs. We’ll give you honest assessments about what your system requires to run at an optimal level, and we’ll never try to talk you into a service that isn’t necessary. You can count on us for your annual inspections and for the times when your just isn’t working right.

Moore Mechanical has been serving the families of East Bay for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve become a reliable source for people who want a heating and cooling technician they can trust. We fully explain any installation, replacement, or repair process you need, so that you feel comfortable knowing what’s going on with your home. To prove that we believe in providing only the best to you and your family, we ensure that all of our technicians are NATE-certified (North American Technician Excellence). So, you can be confident that they are each trained well in their areas of expertise.

Call Moore Mechanical today at 925-307-6479! We’re ready and waiting to help you with your electric furnace needs!

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