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Zoned Commercial Cooling Systems in Dublin, CA

Zoned cooling systems can save a significant amount of money for businesses and commercial properties in almost any industry. Whether you have a large warehouse or a small office building, AC zoning allows you to use your commercial air conditioning only where it is needed. That means that you, your employees, and your customers stay comfortable—but you don’t necessarily have to pay to cool unnecessary space all day long.

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How Does Zoned AC Work for East Bay Businesses?

Designing Zoned Cooling

In a zoned cooling system, dampers are placed in (or built into) your duct system in order to direct conditioned air to the room (or zone) you want. There may be separate thermostats to control each room or zone—or all zones may be controlled centrally. A zone could be made up of several rooms, and your local HVAC contractor can best determine how many zones are needed to successfully achieve the cooling effect you want in every part of your building.

Installing Your HVAC Zoning System

In many cases, some ductwork retrofitting or redesign may be in order if you’re switching from a typical cooling system to a zoned central AC. It’s also typical to add extra registers or grilles in rooms that don’t already have sufficient airflow. These in-room vents are used to create balanced airflow into and out of the room or zone, to help maintain a consistent temperature and good indoor air quality.

Which Businesses Can Benefit from Zoned Air Conditioning?

Almost all industries can achieve the consistent climate control they want in every part of their business location, and save money on energy bills, with a zoned cooling system. Here are some examples:

  • Data-driven businesses: If you have a computer area or a server room that needs to be at a constant, specific temperature—while the rest of your work area doesn’t need so much AC, you can save energy and money with zoning.
  • Hospitality industry businesses, such as restaurants: You may need one level of cooling in your kitchen and another level in your dining room where guests are served.
  • Hotels, motels and B&B’s: If you’re running a larger hotel, chances are you have zoned cooling so that each guest can control the climate in their particular room. If you happen to run a smaller hotel or bed and breakfast, and you haven’t looked into zoning, now is the time.
  • Retail stores: The sales floor and dressing rooms must be cool and comfortable on the hottest shopping days of the year–but the stock rooms may not be as important.
  • And more: A zoned HVAC system can benefit any business where employees, clients, and stored materials need customized temperature zones.

Duct Sealing Can Save Energy and Improve IAQ in Your Commercial Property

If your duct system is leaky, we may recommend duct sealing to save you even more money. Leaking ducts can cause major energy waste and interfere with proper airflow through your building.

Get Your Building Zoned Out by the Experts at Moore Mechanical

If you’d like to learn how a zoned AC system might work for your business location, call Moore Mechanical. We can inspect your existing duct system and make plans for an efficient, effective retrofit. We have the experience to create zoned air conditioning that suits your business perfectly. Contact us today!

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