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Whole-Home Humidifiers in Dublin, CA

Although we typically have sufficient moisture in our outdoor air here in the East Bay, many homeowners experience unpleasant dry-air effects in their homes. This occurs during colder weather, when the home heating system is running. Unfortunately, forced air furnaces tend to dry out (remove moisture from) the indoor air. Many local homeowners find that having a low maintenance, automatic whole-home humidifier improves indoor comfort in wintertime.

Keep reading to learn about why humidifiers might be the best solution for your home’s dry air, or contact Moore Mechanical today using the form to the right!

Benefits of Humidifiers for Dublin, CA Homes

With a whole-house humidification system, you can turn on your furnace in the winter, set the temperature and humidity level as you like–and forget about it! Here are some of the advantages of a whole-home humidifier:

  • You’ll enjoy convenient, automatic humidity control. A whole home system works with the control systems of your home’s HVAC system.
  • Works much better than portable humidifier units. These in-room units require lots of maintenance (to prevent unhealthy mold growth), don’t control humidity automatically and only work in a small area. They also require relatively costly (and inconvenient to carry/store) distilled water.
  • With more moisture in the air, your possessions will stay in great shape if stored in the conditioned area of your home. Especially dry-air sensitive items are musical instruments, antiques and unfinished furniture, which can slowly dry out and crack in overly dry air.
  • You’ll literally breathe easier at home. Any sore, dry throat symptoms and respiratory symptoms (that came about due to the formerly dry indoor air) may ease. Snoring problems may improve. Your throat may be more comfortable and you’ll be able to sing, eat and talk again, without pain or coughing!
  • Allergy or sinus symptoms may improve. Some people experience slight nosebleeds or itchy skin in dry air, and if you or your family members do, these problems should ease as well.
  • You, your family members and even pets, will feel less ”parched” and less fatigued. You should feel more energetic.
  • Easy maintenance. Your HVAC technician can clean your humidifier once per year on the annual maintenance visit. This simply clears out accumulated white dust (mineral deposits from evaporated water.)
  • Save on energy bills. You can set your furnace lower (use it less) because higher humidity in the air makes you feel a few degrees warmer.
  • Low operating cost. Your whole-home humidifier will use only a small amount of water from your household supply per year.
  • Overall, increased comfort at home. After all, you deserve to relax at home!

How Do Whole-Home Humidifiers Work?

The system maintains your set humidity levels, automatically, by humidifying the indoor air as it is warmed–then distributing throughout your home via your duct system. The humidifier system will monitor and adjust room humidity (with its hygrometer) in a similar manner as your furnace controls and maintains temperature with the thermostat.

Whenever your home’s air gets too dry, according to your preferred settings, the whole-home humidifier will “kick-in” and add moisture (water droplets) to the air, until your room humidity reaches the set level. If properly installed and integrated with your current home heating system, your whole-home humidifier constantly adjusts your indoor humidity–maintaining a comfortable humidity level at all times.

Why Choose Moore Mechanical for Home Humidifier Installation in the Dublin Area?

At Moore Mechanical, we stand behind the work of our talented team and provide world-class customer service. All of our HVAC techs are highly trained and their knowledge and skill are NATE certified. We have served the complete HVAC needs of East Bay residents for more than 30 years and we would be happy to meet you! For indoor dry air solutions, contact the humidification experts at Moore Mechanical today!

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