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Ductwork Replacement in Dublin, CA

If your home isn’t properly heated or cooled, or your indoor airflow is lacking, you may need duct replacement or duct retrofitting in certain sections of your Dublin-area home. Whether you have low airflow or temperature control problems in certain rooms, or throughout the whole house, a poorly designed duct system could be to blame.

When Should I Replace My Home’s Ductwork?

Your duct system can be a big source of energy waste and/or it may fail to distribute conditioned air to every part of your home, compromising your home comfort. Fixing either of these problems may entail adding new ductwork or replacing ducts. Ask your local contractor at Moore Mechanical for a duct inspection to determine the best solution.

Our HVAC specialist may recommend duct sealing or duct replacement, depending upon the complexity of your problem. If it’s indicated, we’ll create a new duct system design following best practices like limiting the length of duct runs and suppling adequate, balanced air flow to all rooms.

Signs You May Need Ductwork Replacement

Get a duct system inspection when you notice problems like:

  • Stale air or a “close” atmosphere in certain living areas of the home.
  • Odors that hang around and don’t clear out quickly. (Poor airflow.)
  • Inconsistent heating or cooling within the house and/or increased utility bills.
  • Major dust in the air and on surfaces in your house could be lack of air circulation due to blocked, leaky or dirty ducts. (You may simply need duct sealing.)
  • Increased allergy symptoms and poor indoor air quality could mean your ducts are moldy (from humidity in the ducts, a roof leak above the ductwork, etc.)

Also consider replacing the duct system in your Dublin, CA home if and when:

  • When you get a new HVAC system. A new heating and cooling system can’t perform up to its specifications without proper duct work.
  • When your energy bills go through the roof: Ducts are notorious for causing heat loss and energy waste, simply because they are relatively big structures, covering a large area. Ducts can become twisted or misshapen over time. Sections may begin to separate from one another due to age, gravity and/or poor initial installation. Damaged, leaky ducts allow your expensive conditioned air to escape into unfinished areas behind walls or in crawlspaces. This raises energy bills and makes HVAC equipment work harder than necessary, which could damage the system.
  • When building a new house or major addition: Invest in good duct design from your local HVAC contractor–and your Dublin home will always be comfortable.
  • If you want zoned heating and cooling: If you don’t already have independent temperature control in different rooms/areas of your house, your HVAC contractor may be able to retrofit your current ducts. If duct replacement (or partial replacement) is necessary, it’s worthwhile– because zoning gives you the ability to heat/cool only rooms you’re currently using, saving energy and money.
  • If your current ducts are inadequate or poorly designed: A new or upgraded duct system would eliminate overly long duct runs, which are vulnerable to leakage and collapse. Your new duct system may entail adding registers and grilles for incoming (supply ducts) and outgoing air (return ducts) in rooms that don’t have them now–and more.

Benefits of New Ductwork for Your East Bay Home

  • Optimal efficiency from your central AC and heater.
  • Easy-to-control heating and cooling in all rooms.
  • Lower energy costs.
  • Balanced airflow and higher IAQ (indoor air quality).
  • Increased home resale value.
  • Complete home comfort.

If you haven’t had a duct inspection recently, contact the East Bay HVAC experts at Moore Mechanical!

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