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5 Reasons to Clean Your Ducts Before Summer

Posted on: June 30, 2016

With summer upon us, Moore Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning is busy as can be and loving every minute of it! Why so busy, you ask? Because many of our long-time clients are getting the duct cleaning service they know their system needs in order to operate at its best. Not familiar with the perks of a spring/summer duct cleaning? Our experts would be happy to clue you in!

Top 5 Reasons Why a Pre-Summer Duct Cleaning Is Crucial

You probably already know that HVAC maintenance plays an important role in the efficiency and effectiveness of your cooling system. Clean ducts are important for many of the same reasons, with some added perks as well:

  • System efficiency. With summer hot on our heels, the demands you’re about to place on your system are going to be pretty high. In order to get the efficient, high-quality cooling you need, you need your system to be free of all dust and debris that has collected in your ducts throughout winter.
  • Indoor air quality. The junk in your ducts can choke your system and reduce efficiency for sure, but it can do exactly the same thing to you. All of the air in your home is cycled endlessly through your system and into your home, and dirty ducts will equal dirty air.
  • Home cleanliness. All of the dust that has settled in your system will blow out into your home when the system is kicked on, making cleaning the home a bigger chore than it has to be. Furniture, carpets, drapes, even the floors can become caked in dust and particulate matter if it’s not cleaned out of your ducts.
  • Pest-free zone. Vermin and insects can make a home of your safe, warm ducts during the colder months. If you want to avoid a potential headache and infestation, a duct cleaning is the perfect solution.
  • Reduce the risks of mold. Dust is not the only thing that can collect in your HVAC system. Mold spores are present everywhere, and while your system has been taking its winter breather, it might have become a hotbed for a smelly mold infestation.

Comprehensive Duct Cleaning with Moore Mechanical in Dublin, CA and the East Bay Area

Our duct inspections and cleaning are guaranteed to give your HVAC system and your home the edge they need to run smoothly this summer season. Contact our certified team today to make your duct cleaning appointment!

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