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5 Reasons to Get a Home Energy Audit this Summer

The first step toward a truly energy-efficient home is a professional home energy audit. As East Bay homeowners, you can expect your highest energy bills in mid-summer, so scheduling your home energy audit before then makes perfect sense. Once we’ve completed your home energy assessment, you’ll have plenty of time to act on the audit recommendations and enjoy lower energy costs (and greater home comfort) this summer.

What You’ll Learn from Your Home Energy Audit

Home energy audits test the tightness of your home’s envelope and look for weaknesses. The envelope is the perimeter of the home’s living area that separates the indoor and outdoor environments. Our energy auditors conduct sophisticated tests to determine the house’s resistance to air (and temperature) transfer, pinpoint leakage, evaluate air flow, and more.

After the home performance evaluation, we present you with solutions to correct weak spots and increase home energy efficiency. Our suggested home energy upgrades and repairs are designed to maximize your future energy savings. Typically, there are many simple energy efficiency fixes that you can handle on your own. The team at Moore Mechanical can arrange to complete any complex repairs/upgrades at your convenience.

What Are the Benefits of a Home Energy Audit?

There are several major reasons to schedule a home energy audit. Once you act on the results of your home energy audit, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Lower energy costs: Your home energy assessment can reveal and locate issues like air leaks around windows, leaking HVAC ducts, and insufficient insulation. Correcting these issues can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent annually, according to the US Department of Energy.
  2. Higher level of home comfort: You not only save energy and money by using the results of our energy evaluation, but you can also improve your home comfort. With your AC and heating system tuned to function optimally and any duct leaks sealed, you’ll notice that your home maintains the desired temperature consistently and efficiently year round.
  3. Fresher, cleaner indoor air quality: Home energy audits also reveal any air flow problems in the home. You may need increased ventilation and better air circulation in certain rooms, for example. We can correct these indoor air quality problems to help your family breathe easier at home.
  4. Extended life for your HVAC system: Your energy audit will determine how well your home heating and cooling system is working. This allows your HVAC technician to recommend a new, more efficient AC system (if needed) or to make energy-saving system adjustments/upgrades to your current system. Such HVAC maintenance keeps your system running like new, providing optimal comfort and energy efficiency for many years.
  5. Better home resale value and/or quicker sale: The real estate industry is being encouraged to disclose home energy efficiency ratings to homebuyers who are showing increasing interest when considering a home purchase.

How We Conduct a Home Energy Audit

When our friendly, knowledgeable home energy specialists arrive at your home, they come equipped. We use cutting-edge equipment to measure your home energy consumption and locate areas of waste. Testing includes:

  • Expert visual inspection of your home.
  • Calibrated blower door test (a large fan pulls air from the home to create negative pressure and reveal air leaks).
  • Thermographic inspection using an infrared scanner (shows areas of heat loss).
  • Air infiltration measurements (evaluates air leakage).
  • And more!

Schedule a Home Energy Audit in Dublin, CA & the Surrounding East Bay Areas

Now that you have a better idea of what to expect from your home energy assessment, call on Moore Mechanical for additional details or to schedule the service. Get ready to save money on energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable home!

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