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How Home Heating Systems Work

Before you invite an HVAC expert into your home for heating system installation, maintenance, or repair, it’s a good idea to understand heating system basics. Of course, you can count on the home heating experts here in the East Bay, like the HVAC pros at Moore Mechanical, to clearly explain any recommendations for your residential heating.

Why Should I Care How My Heating System Works?

Our skilled heating technicians always outline your options and discuss pros and cons so that you can be certain you’re getting the right heating repairs at the right time. Still, you’ll feel most comfortable when you have a a little basic heating system knowledge.

Being informed about home heating system operation will also prevent your from being oversold or misled by unscrupulous repair people, should you ever run into them. (That will only occur, of course, if you ever move outside our Moore Mechanical service area!)

Residential Heating System Operation: The Basics

Since about two-thirds of homeowners here in CA heat their houses with forced air central heating systems powered by natural gas, we’ll focus on gas heating system operation here.

Everything begins when the room temperature drops below your comfort setting and your thermostat signals to activate a furnace relay. This opens a gas valve, allowing natural gas to flow to the burners.

At this point, the pilot (using gas or electric ignition) lights the burner in the combustion chamber, where the gas/air mixture begins to burn. Burning natural gas releases combustion by-products, which flow outside through the flue. As the remaining air heats, it flows into the metal heat exchanger compartment.

Heated air then flows into the plenum and through the ductwork into the rooms of your house. Ideally, the duct system is insulated for energy efficiency to retain heat until it passes through vents to warm each room.

Warning Signs that You Need Heating Repairs or Maintenance Service

If you notice any of the following telltale symptoms of a malfunctioning home heating system, call Moore Mechanical for HVAC service.

It’s time for a heating system inspection and expert diagnosis if your:

  • Energy bills are rising sharply for no obvious reason.
  • Home is never warm enough for comfort in certain rooms.
  • Heating system is making strange noises.
  • Home has weird smells coming from the ductwork, vents, or heating equipment.
  • Family is suffering from excessive allergy symptoms, headaches, fatigue and other signs of poor indoor air quality. (Home heating safety note: Make sure that you have properly installed, regularly tested carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to protect your from fire danger or CO poisoning. These problems can occur if your gas heating system maintenance has been neglected.)
  • Home heating system is over 10 years old. In many cases, replacing older systems saves you money. That’s because today’s condensing heating systems are incredibly energy-efficient when compared to those made several years ago.

Get Expert Home Heating Service in Dublin, CA & the East Bay Area

If your furnace needs a tune-up or repair, or if you’re considering furnace replacement, get in touch with the residential HVAC professionals at Moore Mechanical in Dublin, CA.

Contact us for comprehensive heating services in the East Bay area today!

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