Why Invest in Commercial Indoor Air Quality?

Why Invest in Commercial Indoor Air Quality?

Why Should You Improve the Air Quality in Your Dublin, CA Building?

If you haven’t already invested in improving the indoor air quality of your commercial space, then you may want to rethink this strategy before taking another breath. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American spends 93% of their life indoors! That’s a lot of indoor air that we’re breathing through our lungs (nearly 15,000 quarts of air a day). With this much time spent indoors, it is critical to have your indoor air tested for pollutants.

Did you know that we pick up nearly all germs and viruses from indoor spaces? Improving your facility’s air quality is a great way to increase your employee’s health and protect them against common illnesses that can be spread through poor air filtration. Improving the air quality in your building is one easy way to maximize healthy work days for you and your employees.   Continue reading “Why Invest in Commercial Indoor Air Quality?” »

Moore Mechanical Making Your Home “Moore” Green

Moore Mechanical Making Your Home “Moore” Green

Moore Mechanical is invested in helping you transform your home into a comfortable, energy efficient one! By making your home more energy efficient, not only are you making a positive difference in the environment, you are cutting costs for yourself. Are you interested in learning more about green home improvements? We invite you to attend the upcoming event, Livemore Green, an open house in Livemore, CA on July 17th from 1-4pm.

Livemore Green Open House

This event showcases homeowners, Rick and Donna, who have gone through the process of transitioning their home into a green one. Through this renovation process, the couple was not only able to cut back on monthly utility and home repair costs, they actually received money from energy efficiency rebates! That’s right, Rick and Donna received nearly $4,000 by making their home green friendly and you too have the option to do the same.

At this event, Moore Mechanical will lead tours highlighting green home improvements and we will even demonstrate how a home energy audit is conducted.

Livemore Green Event Details

We personally invite you to join us at our upcoming Livemore Green event to learn how to make your home more energy efficient! Refreshments and free energy efficient products will be provided.

When: July 17th 2016, from 1-4pm

Where: 5402 Felicia Avenue, Livermore CA

Why: Because energy efficiency will not only help our environment, it will save you money!

Register today at: www.LivermoreGreenHome.eventbrite.com

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